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    "It feels like she is in my court, on my team, and is going to recommend what is best for me"

    "I have a serious fear of needles and have a history of freaking out around them sometimes, but I need acupuncture to help me with chronic pain, gut issues, and emotional stability. Sydney's needling technique is SO gentle- I don't feel a single prick, and her copious incorporation of moxa is soothing and feels great in my body. She is organized and great at communicating. She demonstrates having a huge bank of knowledge and her passion for her work is palpable- she is deeply driven to help. I trust her a lot. It feels like she is in my court, on my team, and is going to recommend what is best for me. I feel like she treats me like a person, not a product, in that she doesn't try to sell me on extra things I don't need and it feels like she has my best interest at heart. I've gotten both of my parents in her care for herbal medicine (they live on the East Coast, otherwise I'd suggest they utilize her acupuncture sessions too). Continually, I feel seen, heard, respected, and helped by Sydney and her passion and confidence give me hope. I have no hesitation in recommending her to everyone I know."

    ~C, Healthcare Professional

    "I always walked away feeling comforted, calm, and restored!"

    "I started seeing Sydney in 2019 after having my first child. I was still recovering physically and mentally from a long and challenging labor and delivery plus managing all that comes with motherhood. I felt at ease right away with Sydney and knew I had a trusted expert and caring practitioner to guide me through the process of healing mind and body. She listened closely and asked great questions to get to the best treatment plan for me. Her humor also allowed me to put things into perspective and take a moment to step outside myself for a bit. A much needed outlet for a busy mom!

    Her gentle and intentful approach to needling, massage, and other treatment made for a very relaxing session. I always walked away feeling comforted, calm, and restored! Her advice and ongoing care have allowed me to reduce stress, maintain a more balanced diet, and take of myself even when it's hard to make time for me. I highly recommend Sydney!!"

    ~H, Corporate Professional

    "Seeing her weekly is the highlight of my week..."

    "Sydney is an amazing practitioner, and also a fantastic person. She has gone above and beyond with me when she was a student clinician. She is an attentive and empathetic listener, has a light touch with both needling and moxa, and empowers her patients by teaching them tips and tricks to take home to continue healing. She has a keen knowledge of herbs and has written me herbal formulas that have helped me immensely. Seeing her weekly was the highlight of my week, and it was so easy to build a rapport with her. She really made me feel seen, heard, and cared for. I owe my improved health to her, and I hold her so dearly in my heart. I wholeheartedly, with absolutely no exaggeration, recommend her."

    ~A, Administrator

    "She used multiple techniques that ultimately have me feeling the best I have felt in years."

    "Sydney is amazing! I had two fairly chronic issues- neck pain and plantar fasciitis. I was fortunate to be able to see Sydney several times earlier this year. She was compassionate, thorough but above all determined in her approach to care. She used multiple techniques that ultimately have me feeling the best I have felt in years. I look forward to our continued work together. Book your consultation NOW- I promise you won't regret it!"

    ~A, Medical Professional

    "My pain completely disappeared and hasn't come back..."

    "I was having pain in my right heel that the doctors diagnosed as plantar fasciitis. It had been bothering me for almost 6 months before I went to see Sydney. With two appointments, one day after another, Sydney used a tool called "gua sha" that she scraped on my calf and heel as well as moxa (no needles!) that she burned in little pieces on my heel. My pain completely disappeared and hasn't come back - and this was back in April! I'm so relieved to be pain free thanks to Sydney. Highly recommend."

    ~J, Finance Professional

    "Sydney is with me almost the entire time, which makes me feel cared for"

    "I feel very safe and comfortable in Sydney's care. She is very organized in her approach and explains what she is doing in a way that helps me understand and relate to my treatment. I've been receiving acupuncture for ten years from a variety of practitioners. What is different about Sydney is that she uses more tools than just needles and they are all gentle techniques that guide my body towards balance. During our session Sydney is with me almost the entire time, which makes me feel cared for. I also appreciate the herbal formulas she prescribes because they help enhance my treatment in the days after."

    ~F, Student

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