• Telehealth Services

    This service is only available to California Residents. If you are not a California resident, please refer to the Wellness Consultations page for more information on wellness consulting services.

  • Telehealth is a great treatment option for those who are looking for herbal medicine and self-treatment modalities to help them in their health journey and may not be interested in nor able to access acupuncture or in-person treatments. Chinese medicine like any other healthcare practice requires consistency and repetition in order to see results. During your first appointment together we will design the right treatment plan for you that allows us to nail down the diagnosis, maintain consistency of treatment, and see positive progress in your health. Depending on the duration and severity of the condition, your treatment plan may consist of anywhere from 6 to 30 treatments and will be adjusted in real-time as we see progress.


    Curious if telehealth is right for you? Schedule a free consultation here.

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