• Herbal Medicine

    In Chinese & East-Asian Medicine herbal medicine is an essential part of most treatments. There are hundreds of ancient and modern texts that detail the physiological effects of each herb and how they work together within a formula to bring about homeostasis. Herbal medicine also works in conjunction with acupuncture to extend the effects of the treatment. To put it into context, during any given week you have one hour of acupuncture and 167 without - and herbal medicine helps you make the most of those 167 hours without.


    Each herbal formula is tailor-made for the person who needs it. Unlike Western pharmaceuticals that are designed to be "one size fits all" for a symptom or diagnosis, East-Asian herbal medicine emphasizes custom design of formulas to treat the specific pattern that is causing the symptoms.


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    Dried herbal material on a white plate set on a paisley tablecloth.

    Raw Herbal Formula

    White mug with a yellow flower to the right of a rectangular container with multiple lines of text. First line of text: Chinese characters. Second line of text: "Chai Hu Jia Long Gu Mu Tang". Third line of text: "Bupleurum & Dragon Bone Combination". Logo at bottom from the brand Evergreen.

    Granule Herbal Formula

    Four tincture bottles on a wood shelf.

    Liquid Concentrate Herbal Formula

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