• Cupping & Massage Therapy

    Cupping Therapy

    Cupping is an ancient therapy used in East-Asian Medicine for a wide variety of ailments from relieving muscle tension to reducing fever. We use glass or plastic cups to suction areas of skin and muscle to relieve tension and encourage circulation of blood and lymph. It is used often to relieve sharp, stagnant pain in any area of the body and to encourage relaxation of muscles and subsequently the mind. You will get relief from a one-off session, but best results are achieved with multiple sessions.

    Warm Bamboo Massage

    This is a preventative healthcare treatment that uses a bamboo tube that is packed with ignited mugwort wool (known as moxa) and used to strategically trace the meridians of the body. It focuses on bringing your body into balance, calming the central nervous system, and removing any stagnation found along the meridians.

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