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Black Lives Matter.

We are at a pivotal moment in history, and I wanted to take this time to express and practice my allyship to the Black Lives Matter movement.

The reason I am able to be here today and provide acupuncture services to my community is because of the work of the Black Panthers in bringing acupuncture into community healthcare. The 10 minute video below gives a background on the rise and [government-induced-strategically-designed] fall of the Black Panthers and their commitment to providing free healthcare and social services to their communities. For more background on the Black Panthers' community health work and the work of Dr. Mutulu Shakur, read Dr. Tenisha Dandridge, LAc.'s post Unusual Tale of Acupuncture, Racism, and African American History in the USA.

This is also the time to remind everyone of my commitment to the Bay Area community through the sliding-scale pricing policy, which is still in place and includes anyone negatively impacted by the economic consequences of COVID-19, systemic racism, or any other socially-constructed barrier to economic prosperity. Y también aquí se habla español para los que buscan ayuda en su idioma natal.

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